Transgender Case Thrown Out By Supreme Court

( The Supreme Court effectively handed a victory to a transgender activist student who insisted on using the boys’ bathroom, despite being a biological female, by rejecting an appeal from a Virginia school board.

Gloucester High School’s board appealed to the Supreme Court to reinstate a transgender bathroom ban, effectively now allowing students of the opposite sex to use whatever bathroom they want.

It follows a six-year legal battle from the former high-school student who fought to overturn the ban.

Gavin Grimm, who is now 22 years old, told the press that she “won” and is honored to have been a part of the “victory.”

Six years ago, Grimm was a 15-year-old Gloucester High School student. She was banned from using the boys’ bathrooms on account of the fact that she is a female. In response, Grimm filed a federal lawsuit against the school and has been fighting ever since.

Do these people ever think about anyone other than themselves? This legal battle now means female school children cannot rest assured that the bathrooms will only be used by other girls.

Grimm told the Associated Press that it is a “national conversation” because “trans people are everywhere” and that they have to fight for their “rights.”

But there is no right to use the bathroom designed for the opposite sex…and if there is, then the Founding Fathers really had some amazing foresight.

The Supreme Court, by refusing to hear the case, left rulings from the lower courts in place that found the policy of requiring students to use the correct bathroom to be unconstitutional. How? Who knows. There’s nothing in the constitution that stops schools from protecting children by ensuring people of the opposite sex can’t use the same bathrooms as them.

The American Civil Liberties Union, unsurprisingly, supported the decision by the Supreme Court not to hear the case, and called it a “significant victory” for transgender students across America.