Trump Adviser Says Constitution Does Not Prevent Trump From Reinstatement

( Well, here’s an incredible story.

You know how the left-wing media lost its collective mind when reports suggested that former President Donald Trump was discussing the possibility of being reinstated as president after forensic audits prove that widespread fraud and misconduct altered the results of the last election?

Well, despite claims that the Constitution doesn’t allow for presidents to be reinstated, a renowned attorney, Boris Epshteyn, just said otherwise.

During an interview, the former strategic adviser to President Donald Trump said it is not out of the realm of possibility for the 45th President of the United States to return to the White House if audits prove that fraud altered the results of the last election.

Epshteyn said that the United States Constitution is a “negative rights document,” meaning that it does not prohibit the decertification of an election after it happens, and Trump could well be reinstated as a result.

It comes as the former president ramps up talk about election fraud, warning that new evidence is coming out “FAST and FURIOUS.”

Democrats and the media are already terrified of the results of ongoing forensic audits. Business Insider wrongly claimed that the audit, which they put in quote marks, is a “partisan and amateurish endeavor” that shouldn’t be trusted.


The audit is being conducted by three outside agencies, all independent, and the counting of the ballots is being livestreamed 24 hours per day online. If anybody wants to see this audit taking place, they can, and it is the most open audit to ever be held in American history.

It’s so successful that Pennsylvania Republican legislators are also talking about establishing an audit of their own.

Epshteyn also said that under the 12th Amendment and Article II, states have the right to decertify election result.

If he is right, and if the audits prove fraud, then perhaps we could see President Donald Trump returning to the White House before 2025 after all…