Trump And Melania Were Vaccinated In January (REPORT)

( Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump reportedly received doses of the COVID-19 vaccine developed under the Trump administration before leaving the White House in January.

The news of the vaccinations was delivered by a Trump advisor who spoke to Axios recently, though the source did not reveal the exact date that the then-president received the vaccine.

President Joe Biden famously received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before entering the White House, only to later claim during a CNN town hall event in Milwaukee that the COVID-19 vaccine didn’t exist when he arrived at the White House.

The news that former President Trump and Melania Trump received the vaccine further proves that President Biden was lying when he made the outrageous claim.

President Trump likely kept the news under wraps – or at least, didn’t go out of his way to publicize it – as he had already suffered from COVID-19 during the final weeks of the presidential campaign last year. Typically, those who have beaten a virus naturally will have natural immunity, though the nature of the Chinese coronavirus is still not fully understood.

The president recovered from the infection very quickly after receiving experimental treatment at a Washington, D.C. military hospital.

Under the Trump administration, billions of dollars were made available to the nation’s top pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines for the novel coronavirus under Operation Warp Speed. It resulted in the fastest development and distribution of a vaccine for a novel virus in world history, with Americans receiving vaccines within a year.

President Trump repeatedly said that a vaccine could be developed before the 2020 presidential election, but Democrats and left-wing media outlets like CNN insisted he wasn’t telling the truth.

Not only was a vaccine developed before election day, but President Trump’s administration also reached the milestone of delivering one million doses per day by his final day in office.