Trump Appointee Under Attack For Exposing Biden’s Plan In America

( Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor is under fire over comments he made in a local NY radio interview back in April.

Macgregor, a Trump appointee serving on West Point’s Board of Visitors claimed that the illegal immigration crisis on the Southern border was part of the Biden Administration’s “grand plan” to change the ethnic makeup of the country.

Though the interview is over a month old, it came to the attention of CNN’s resident muckraker and professional tattletale Andrew Kaczynski. Kaczynski has made a career out of digging up old tweets and social media posts that result in individuals losing their jobs.

Kaczynski reviewed Macgregor’s recent comments, discovered the interview and, of course, reported what he found at CNN.

In the interview, Macgregor said the Biden Administration was encouraging the “worst elements” to “enjoy the fruits of citizenship” all without earning citizenship. He also railed against the controversial “birthright citizenship” – where pregnant foreign nationals enter the US in order for their child to instantly become a US citizen simply by being born here.

Macgregor contented that this was all by design. The Biden Administration and its supporters want the country changed. “They don’t want the United States,” he added.

As is his pattern, Kaczynski then sought for and received a condemning comment from the Biden White House. Which, is the point of the exercise to begin with. Kaczynski wants Macgregor removed. That is his objective.

Naturally the Biden White House played along.

Calling Macgregor’s comments “hateful and grotesque,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said Macgregor’s sentiments are “antithetical” to the values and character of the armed forces and the nation.

And, as Kaczynski had hoped, the White House informed him that Macgregor’s position on the West Point Board of Visitors is now under review.

Kaczynski also tattled to the Pentagon, no doubt hoping to get a similar “this is antithetical to our values” statement. But Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough merely told him that the Army has no input on appointments to the West Point board.

In his search of Macgregor’s past statement, Kaczynski also found an interview where Macgregor criticized allowing women to serve in combat – something even sitting members of Congress have done.

President Trump appointed Col. Macgregor to the West Point board in November 2020. Before that he served in the Department of Defense where he was tasked with the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan.