Trump Calls Out Secret Payments To Hunter Biden From Moscow

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( Last week the New York Times acknowledged what everybody knew in October 2020: the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop was true and the emails contained in it are authentic.

And last Friday, during the White House press briefing, New York Post reporter Steven Nelson tried to pin down press secretary Jen Psaki about President Biden’s potential conflicts of interest specifically regarding Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina.

In February 2014, Yelena Baturina, the wife of a former Mayor of Moscow, paid Hunter Biden’s company, Rosemont Seneca, $3.5 million.

In 2015, Baturina was among Hunter’s foreign business partners who dined with him and his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, at a swanky Georgetown restaurant.

Nelson pointed out that, despite being the richest woman in Russia, Baturina has not been sanctioned by the Biden administration. He asked Psaki how Biden is “navigating conflicts of interests” when it comes to placing sanctions on people who have made financial deals with his family. He also asked if Psaki could shed some light on what that $3.5 million payment was for.

Bit surprise here, but Psaki didn’t want to discuss it.

She claimed there was no confirmation that Baturina paid $3.5 million to Hunter’s business. She claimed there was no conflict of interest regarding sanctions, adding that the Biden administration has sanctioned more Russian oligarchs than have ever been sanctioned before.

Nelson wouldn’t let it go. He again noted that Baturina is not among those sanctioned.

A frustrated Psaki tried to move on to another reporter, but Nelson wasn’t having it.

He asked her if Hunter had divested from the state-run Chinese investment fund. He said the White House has not provided “even basic transparency” about it.

A huffy Psaki dismissed Nelson’s questions, noting that Hunter Biden is a private citizen who doesn’t work for the government.

But Nelson stuck with it, pointing out that “there’s a glaring conflict of interest” because, as president, Hunter’s father deals with China.

Watch every awkward moment of Nelson’s battle with Psaki: