Trump Challenges Nancy Pelosi To Not Trade Stocks

( As calls grow for members of Congress to cease trading stocks and potentially profiting from their insider knowledge, former President Donald Trump stated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no business making investments on the stock market while she remains in her position of power.

Speaking to conservative news outlet Breitbart, Trump said that Pelosi trading individual stocks is “not right” and “not appropriate.”

He said that she’s “clever in one way” but also “stone cold crazy” – an assessment that many Americans are likely to agree with.

“She should not be allowed to do that with the stocks…it’s not fair to the rest of this country,” he said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of a host of long-time legislators who has profited from wise investments during their time in Congress. Pelosi was recently asked about her investments, which have made her a millionaire over the years, and she defended the right of members of Congress to make investments as they see fit.

“We are a free market economy,” she told reporters during a press conference in December.

America is only a free market economy when it fits Pelosi’s narrative, it turns out…

This is a bipartisan issue, too, with both Democrat and Republican voters expressing concern that legislators are more focused on making money than doing their job. A project from The Insider known as “Conflicted Congress” recently reported widespread violation of laws relating to the regulation of trading stocks and avoiding conflicts of interest.

The project showed how some 182 senior staffers in congress as well as 54 members of Congress violated the STOCK Act – meaning that they didn’t disclose their trades in a timely way. Somehow, though, these people have mostly faced no penalty for failing to provide this information readily.

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