Trump Congratulates CNN For No Longer Calling Election Concerns “The Big Lie”

( As CNN’s ratings decline, significant adjustments are being made.

Chris Licht, the newly appointed head of CNN, allegedly urged CNN anchors to cease referring to the 2020 election fraud as “the great lie” after pointing out that Democrats also use this phrase.

However, the boss continues to assert that Trump’s allegations of election fraud are false.

The CNN president suggested show hosts call them “election lies” instead of saying “the big lie.” According to Licht, employing the term “the big lie” virtually replicated the branding of the Democrat Party and compromised CNN’s neutrality while covering the subject.

On his Truth Social platform, President Donald Trump congratulated CNN and called it a big step.

Trump explained that fake News CNN decided that with more evidence coming out that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and stolen, CNN has just announced that it will no longer permit the use of the phrase “The Big Lie.” This likely means that they are open to legal exposure, he stated. He concluded by stating that the term “Big Lie” indicates the exact opposite of what the Democrats and fake news media were leading the public to believe. CNN took a significant stride. Congratulations!

News reports show that in a message distributed to CNN staff members in May, Licht lamented that too many people have lost faith in news media and vowed that CNN employees would go forward as advocates for the truth.

Stop laughing. He really means that.

According to reports, Licht is also keeping an eye on CNN’s top anchors, such as Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta, to see if they can uphold the network’s new emphasis on less biased reporting. CNN may oust anchors who are unable to adapt to the network’s change in focus.

Since former president Jeff Zucker was fired for failing to disclose his connection with a subordinate, this is the most recent indication that change is imminent at CNN.

Additionally, Licht has instructed CNN producers to reduce the usage of “breaking news” banners during live programming, a strategy adopted under Zucker’s leadership.

If Licht can manage to do all of what he says, it would be breaking news.