Trump Declares “Epic Fail” After Halftime Show Disaster At Super Bowl

( One of Rihanna’s hits talks of finding love in a hopeless place. Chances are, she will not find any love with former President Donald Trump following her halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The former president criticized Rihanna’s epic fail and foul and demeaning language in the worst Superbowl Halftime Show in football history. Trump dropped his truth on his Truth Social website late on Sunday night.

Even though Rihanna has made a fortune in the incredibly lefty entertainment business, she did not use her halftime performance at Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday to criticize President Trump.

Instead, during the 13-minute mashup of her best songs, she told her followers that she was expecting her second child.

The Republican representative for Texas, Ronny Jackson, reportedly called on the NFL to remove Rihanna because of her anti-Trump beliefs. In an interview with Vogue published in 2019, Rihanna went even further, calling Trump “the most psychologically sick human being in America.”

She is nothing without her ‘Stylist,'” Trump said. He said she has no talent. She had bad  “everything.”

Comedian Lewis Black noted that the evidence that America has gone even deeper down the drain might be seen by slumbering through most of the year and then waking up for the Super Bowl halftime performance.

The halftime performance was a microcosm of Hollywood’s ideals, complete with crotch-grabbing (by a pregnant lady, of all people) and sexually provocative songs.

Her dancers all seem to be wearing variations of the “A Christmas Story” rabbit costume that are just 75% finished. Another negative critique is that she made a lazy and blatant attempt at lip-syncing.

Rihanna is the same person who, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, tried to draw attention to herself by spray painting “F*** Trump” on the Cadillac Ranch. The Ranch is a hippie-style art installation on Route 66 that features a collection of Cadillacs planted in the ground and available for visitors to spray paint.

Whatever the case, Trump was clearly enjoying a healthy dose of schadenfreude.