Trump Denounces Arizona Border Crisis at First Event as Felon

A week after a Manhattan jury convicted him on all 34 counts in the hush money trial, Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail on June 6, appearing at a Turning Point USA town hall at a mega-church in Phoenix, Arizona where he slammed the prosecutions against him, attacked the dishonest news media, and blasted the Biden administration for the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

Trump, who is expected to appeal the New York conviction, gave a press briefing the day after the guilty verdict but had not spoken directly to his supporters about the verdict until last Thursday when he lashed out at prosecutors for the politically motivated case.

Trump warned the crowd that unless the appeals courts “step up and straighten things out,” there would be no country.

According to the Phoenix police, 11 people at the June 6 event had to be taken to the hospital after suffering heat exhaustion. Officials issued an excessive heat warning ahead of the town hall where many of the supporters had to stand outside the full-capacity venue in record heat.

The crowd inside the mega-church where the event was held vocally expressed their outrage over Trump’s conviction in the hush money case and his other pending trials.

The former president has laid the blame on President Joe Biden, accusing prosecutors of working with the administration to target the president’s opponent and many Trump supporters have called for payback.

Much of Trump’s hourlong speech and the subsequent Q&A was spent attacking the Biden presidency, particularly over the president’s handling of the flood of illegal aliens crossing the southern border.

Trump accused the president of deliberately demolishing US sovereignty and the border.

The former president also blasted the news media for its dishonesty in reporting on him, especially the media’s accusations that he never condemned white supremacists or neo-Nazis.