Trump Hosts “Emotional” Meeting With Families of Police Brutality Victims

( President Donald Trump may still be portrayed as a racist by the news media, but his actions continue to prove otherwise. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump followed up on a speech in which he announced sweeping new changes to the way police forces operate and train across the country, with a view to tackling police brutality and a perceived bias against African Americans.

In what was described by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as a “very emotional meeting,” Trump met families of Americans who were killed by members of law enforcement. The meeting wasn’t a condemnation of policing, as is advocated by the Democrats, but a discussion about what can be done about the tiny minority of law enforcement officers who go too far.

President Donald Trump met the family of Everett Palmer, Cameron Lamb, Michael Dean, Darius Tarver, Ahmaud Arbery, Botham Jean, and Jemel Roberson. These are all other names, and other victims, commonly referenced by the Black Lives Matter movement and far-left activists who use their death to advance their far-left political agenda.

McEnany told the media that family members shared their stories during the meeting with President Trump, where there was a “lot of tears” and a “lot of emotion.” McEnany also described how President Donald Trump was “devastated.”

“He took it deeply personally,” she said. “It was a very productive meeting and a solutions-oriented meeting.”

The family members didn’t attend the ceremony held by President Donald Trump and his team, in which he announced new measures to address police brutality. It was described as a “mutual decision” by the Deputy Director of the Office of American Innovation, Ja’Ron Smith.

“It really wasn’t about doing a photo opportunity,” he said. “We wanted the opportunity to really hear from the families and protect them.”

The meeting flies in the face of accusations leveled at President Donald Trump that he doesn’t care about Black Americans.

“I think it’s really unfortunate that some civil rights groups have even attacked them for coming or are putting out false statements about the interaction there,” Smith also said, referencing attempts from far-left outfits to discredit the president and demonize the family members who met with him.