Trump Is Already Crafting His First Tweet For His Twitter Return

( It’s been two months since former President Donald Trump was reinstated to Twitter by the social media platform’s new owner Elon Musk.

Yet, to this point, he has yet to rejoin the platform where he once had millions of followers, opting instead to remain on his own social media network, Truth Social.

A recent report by NCB News, though, says that Trump could be making his triumphant return to the platform that accelerated his following.

The report says that, as he is preparing his run for the White House in 2024, Trump is wanting to start regaining control over the social media accounts he once had that gave him such a powerful way to directly reach followers.

He can already do that with Twitter, since the platform reinstated him. It’s also possible that both Facebook and Instagram, platforms owned by parent company Meta, could unblock his accounts as well.

In a letter that Trump’s presidential campaign wrote to Meta earlier this week, representatives wrote:

“We believe that the ban on President Trump’s account on Facebook has dramatically distorted and inhibited the public discourse.”

Some NBC News sources said that the campaign for Trump didn’t threaten to file a lawsuit against Meta if he weren’t reinstated onto their platforms. Instead, they chose to just emphasize how important free speech is, petitioning Meta for a “meeting to discuss President Trump’s prompt reinstatement to the platform,” the letter read.

A spokesperson for Meta wouldn’t comment much about the situation with Trump’s accounts, saying only that they would “announce a decision in the coming weeks in line with the process we laid out.”

It’s widely expected that Meta will hand down its decision on whether to reinstate Trump to Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks.

NBC News also quoted an anonymous Republican about the situation, who said:

“Trump is probably coming back to Twitter. It’s just a question of how and when. He’s been talking about it for weeks, but Trump speaks for Trump. So, it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll do or say or when.”

Another source told NBC that Trump is so far into the planning process for returning to Twitter that he’s already working on crafting the first tweet that he’ll send when he returns to the platform. As NBC reported:

“Another Trump confidant who also didn’t want to be identified speaking about conversations with him said that Trump has sought input for weeks about hopping back on Twitter and that his campaign advisers have also workshopped ideas for his first tweet.”

There’s also been speculation that when Trump returns to other social media platforms, he’ll be limited in how often he posts, when he posts and what he posts, due to his ownership of Truth Social.

Officials with Truth Social wouldn’t comment on potential limits in place. A Trump spokesman only said that the former president’s campaign believes he would be able to make a return to Twitter in the same way as he was on the platform before.