Trump Is Seeking His Own Copy Of The FBI’s Warrant

( After the FBI executed a search warrant approved by Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland against the former president at his home in Mar-a-Lago, Trump and his legal team are requesting a copy of the warrant, the affidavit, and a complete inventory of what was taken, according to OANN.

If Trump were to get copies that he requested, he would be able to share it with the public, the outlet reported. Lawmakers have been demanding accountability and transparency for the raid. FBI Director Christopher Wray has refused to comment on it or provide justification for why it was executed.

The National Archives reportedly found classified documents to be in Trump’s possession earlier this year. As part of a long quiet investigation, Garland approved a raid where agents can search the former president’s home, drawing criticism from lawmakers and other commentators on the partisan nature of the search.

After his silence, Garland came out to give a speech saying that he “personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter.” He also pushed back against the accusations that the FBI and DOJ were acting in a partisan manner, saying that the attacks were “unfounded” and “unfair.” He also claimed that they were “applying the law evenly without fear or favor.”

“Men and women of the FBI and the Justice Department are dedicated patriotic public servants. Every day, they protect the American people from violent crime, terrorism, and other threats to their safety while safeguarding our civil rights,” he said.

Garland added that the warrant was authorized by a federal magistrate “upon the required finding probable cause.” The warrant mentioned a possible violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978 which gives Congress power to govern records of the president. After the National Archives contacted Trump about documents, the former president turned in 15 boxes, according to Daily Wire. Officials met with Trump about additional documents but talks reportedly broke down until the recent raid.

The White House reportedly did not know that the attorney general was giving a speech until minutes after it began.