Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis endorses Josh Mandel for Senate in Ohio

( It’s not a direct endorsement from former President Donald Trump himself, but Ohio Republican Josh Mandel has to be happy about the recent backing he received in his candidacy for U.S. Senate.

On Tuesday, Jenna Ellis endorsed Mandel for a U.S. Senate seat to represent Ohio. Ellis once served as a senior legal adviser to Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign. Her word certainly carries weight with Trump’s supporters, and others in the Republican Party.

Ellis made her announcement in advance of a rally on Tuesday night where she was set to appear with Mandel. Also scheduled to appear at that rally was Wendy Rogers, a state Senator from Arizona.

Ellis said she believed that Mandel was the best person to represent the people of Ohio in the U.S. Senate.

In a statement, she said:

“I am proud to endorse Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate. I am convinced he is the best person to send to Washington not only to represent the patriotic people of Ohio, but also because he is principled and will champion conservative and faith-based values.”

“The swamp is corrupt, and we need defenders in Washington who will protect states’ rights from the elitists’ power grab. I’ve been very impressed with his record of service, both as a veteran and in Ohio state office. Josh has my full support!”

The seat that Mandel is running for will be vacant in 2022 because Senator Rob Portman, the incumbent there, has announced he won’t be running for re-election.

Mandel is a former state treasurer an also a veteran of the Marines. He’s supported Trump’s “America First” agenda. On his website, he has posted that he’s “Pro-God,” “Pro-gun” and “Pro-Trump.”

Ellis’ endorsement is another Mandel can add to his list of prominent politicians. Other U.S. Senators have already said they believe he’s the best fit for the job. That includes Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis and Utah Senator Mike Lee.

In addition, he’s received an endorsement from Mark Levin, a popular conservative talk show host.

Mandel will be running against seven other Republicans in Ohio’s May 3, 2022, primary. That includes J.D. Vance, Bernie Moreno, Zachary Musick, Michael Leipold, Mike Gibbons, John Berman and Neil Patel.

There are four Democrats who are running in the primary to face off against the Republican challenger in the 2022 midterm elections. They are Richard Taylor, Demar Sheffey, Tim Ryan and Morgan Harper.

Ellis may have some detractors in the Republican Party after she officially left the GOP in protest recently. She did this after an email from a top lawyer who represents the Republican National Committee was disclosed publicly. That email criticized Ellis’ efforts to challenge the 2020 presidential election.

Ellis has been a staunch critic of President Joe Biden, calling for him to be impeached and removed from office.

While some Republicans may not like her for those actions, Ellis still has enough notoriety for her endorsement to matter in a race.