Trump Maintains Lead On Biden In New Poll

Former President Donald Trump leads President Biden in several new polls in key states. A YouGov survey from mid-November also shows that most voters don’t believe Joe Biden can see out another term. Overall, Trump leads Biden by 44% to 42% in the national poll, and 80% say the President’s physical and mental fitness is not up to scratch.

Asked if the criminal indictments facing President Trump concern them, 66% of voters said yes. Only 8% said neither Biden’s age nor Trump’s legal woes worry them. Among Democrats, 70% expressed trepidation about the 81-year-old President’s advanced years.

In other polls, Trump shows a growing lead over Biden in crucial states, including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. According to RealClearPolitics, Trump is ahead by 3.7% in Arizona, 5.5% in Georgia, 4% in Nevada, 2.5% in Pennsylvania, and 1% in Wisconsin.

Significantly, a new Stack Data Strategy poll reveals that Trump would win a general election if it were held this year. The result shows that Trump would win 292 electoral college votes compared to Biden’s 246.

In the Republican race, Mr. Trump is also dominating the polls. Emerson College results from November 20 show Trump at 64%, with Nikky Haley in second place at 9% and Ron DeSantis trailing in third place with 8%. Morning Consult results from November 19 show the former President is even further ahead at 66%, but Haley is in third place with 9% and DeSantis second at 13%.

Despite early positive indications, the numbers suggest businessman Vivek Ramaswamy is losing support. He had 7% on Morning Consult in November, but when Trump is taken out of the picture, he jumps to 13%. Without former President Trump, DeSantis takes a significant lead – a Messenger survey on November 19 places DeSantis at 38% and Haley at 16%.

Robert Kennedy, who is now running as an independent candidate, is hovering around 7% in most polls, with other independents failing to rise above 5%.