Trump Rally Cancelled By Idiots

( An event set to feature former President Donald Trump has been abruptly canceled just days before it was due to take place. NBC 15 News reported how President Donald Trump was set to be a keynote speaker at a Saturday event hosted in the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park…and it’s because of the park commissioners.

President Donald Trump was all set to turn up and make the speech, as part of a round of rallies and public events he has hosted recently to highlight the multiple crises caused by President Joe Biden’s bad leadership.

However, the chairman of the park commission, Bill Tunnell, said that after the request was made, and after discussions with the Republican Party, the commission decided that the event could not go ahead because it was a “partisan political event” and not just a “patriotic event” being held on the night before July 4.

It’s obviously a political decision, right? Can you imagine that a park would withdraw an invitation for an event if President Joe Biden was set to speak there?

Tunnell claimed that commissioners sought an opinion from the Attorney General’s office late in May, and a response from AG Steve Marshall on June 16 said that due to the imminence of the debate, the Opinions Division was unable to offer a timely response or an official position. However, in the response, he also cited case law that said parks can be used for political events and access is always available for every political party or candidate on an equal basis.

Which means that parks are absolutely available for partisan events.

Not only is this obviously true, but there are examples of this exact park being used for partisan political purposes. Rick Santorum, for instance, used the park for a rally during his 2012 presidential campaign.

You can read the full letter from the Attorney General here.

If the establishment still doesn’t want former President Donald Trump to speak, then they must really be afraid of something…