Trump Releases New List Of Guests At Upcoming Rally

( Saturday night, former President Trump held a rally in Conroe, Texas featuring several prominent Texas Republicans.

During his rally, Trump lit into President Joe Biden, excoriating him for considering sending thousands of US troops to protect the Ukraine border with Russia. He blasted the president and the rest of the DC establishment over its willingness to send troops to protect a foreign border while leaving the US southern border unprotected.

And while Trump said very little last year about the January 6 detainees held in the DC Gulag, at last night’s rally the former President said if he runs for President in 2024 and wins, he would treat those detainees “fairly.” He said he would pardon those convicted “because they are being treated so unfairly.”

The former President still refuses to say whether or not he is running in 2024, largely because officially declaring his candidacy comes with several legal and campaign finance requirements he wants to continue to avoid at this juncture. He did, however, tell the crowd “We are going to take back the White House.”

Among the Texas Republicans present at Saturday’s rally were Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Also in attendance was Paxton’s primary challenger Congressman Louie Gohmert.

There was an awkward moment when Trump gave his “complete and total endorsement” to Paxton, calling him a “brave,” “popular,” and “strong” leader who has “led the way.” Then, just minutes after endorsing Paxton, Trump pointed out Congressman Gohmert, calling him a “friend of mine from day one.”

It is possible the former President is not aware that Gohmert is challenging Paxton in the primary.

The other Texas Republicans joining Trump Saturday night were Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, state Senator Dawn Buckingham, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, Gonzales Mayor Connie Kacir, and the Chairman of the Texas GOP, Matt Rinaldi.