Trump Requests Immediate Release Of January 6th Prisoners 

( As Tucker Carlson showed new video from the January 6 Capitol incident, former President Donald Trump urged the immediate release of all the J6 inmates now being detained in jail. 

Trump praised the Fox News anchor for what Trump dubbed “one of the greatest scoops” in U.S. history. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted Carlson access to the publicly owned tapes, handing the Fox host the scoop. 

Trump was responding to some new revelations of that terrible day, which offered another perspective, even though he is still under investigation for his participation in the violent assault on the Capitol by his followers. 

The former president said the events of January 6 had been reinterpreted in light of new surveillance footage. He said that the “Unselect” Committee was perpetrating a massive SCAM and that they were the CRIMINAL FABRICATORS OF THIS MOST IMPORTANT DAY.  

In terms of security, Pelosi and McConnell were a bust, according to the former president. He feels that it’s evident that “Trump” and the vast majority of the other people involved are blameless; “LET THEM GO FREE, NOW!” he wrote. 

He then commended Speaker McCarthy’s “amazing bravery” for sending the footage to Carlson. 

A brand-new, opposing picture has been indelibly painted, Trump said. 

Several of the hundreds of people who participated in the January 6 riots have already served jail time for crimes and misdemeanors stemming from the failed uprising. 

Trump has already urged for the detainees’ release, and it has recently gained traction among Trump supporters and some other Republicans that the rioters have been unjustly mistreated. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Tenn.), a Trump supporter, has demanded that Jacob “QAnon Shaman” Chansley be given a new trial after Carlson broadcast a video of him at the Capitol on Monday. 

On Monday, Carlson characterized the January 6 protesters as “sightseers” who were mostly “peaceful.” Carlson said the clip “does not depict an uprising or a riot in progress.”