Trump Reveals Major CHANGE Since He Was President…

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( Donald Trump says that Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t seem to be the same person he was when they sat face to face.

Speaking with Fox Business’ “Varney & Company,” Trump said he even looks different.

Trump was asked if he respected Putin. He didn’t address the question directly and reiterated his observations about Putin’s changes. He added that he got along with Putin and loved his country. The implication has always been that Trump is secretly in cahoots with Putin.

Stuart Varney, the show host, pointedly asked Trump if  Putin was mentally sound or insane?

Trump could only repeat that he has a sense of something having shifted. Vague on anything specific, Trump said that “it just doesn’t seem to be the same person that I was dealing with. We had a decent relationship. It was very hard because of the Russia hoax, you know.”

Trump was alluding to the unceasing allegations, which remain unproven, that there was collusion with Moscow in 2020. Trump said it was a topic that came up time and again when Trump spoke with Putin on other pressing issues. Trump was never allowed a moment’s peace to get on with the world’s problems.

According to Trump, he told Putin that “it’s very hard for me to do anything for Russia and for you to do anything because these horrible, horrible people that are, you know, perpetrating this hoax, the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion nonsense, millions of phone calls; I never made one to Russia. Think of it. Millions of calls. They went through the phone records — millions of calls, not one call to Russia. It was a total hoax.”

This interview will, once again, trigger democrats who have attacked Trump in the past for expressing too much admiration for Putin.

It must be frustrating for Trump, whose political philosophy is antithetical to Russia’s, a totalitarian government long been the enemy of capitalism and freedom. Critics don’t see Trump’s “America First” policies as anything but totalitarian, as well.

Trump was often maligned for characterizing Putin as intelligent and savvy, which is not a comment that suggests he is “sleeping with the enemy.” Military commanders have long shown admiration for their enemies without being accused of sedition or being a traitor.

Trump dismisses the outrage of his post-administration comments as merely an effort by the enemedia to distract from the weaknesses of President Joe Biden. He says the Biden administration has essentially laid out a “welcome mat” for Moscow to invade Ukraine.

The former president contrasts his tenure to the current one by stating, “The RINOs, warmongers, and fake news continue to blatantly lie and misrepresent my remarks on Putin because they know this terrible war being waged against Ukraine would have never happened under my watch.”

Trump is usually right. When he seems to be wrong, if you wait a few months, he turns out to be correct.