Trump Says He’ll Be “Intervening” In Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit

( President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he would officially intervene in a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas against several battleground states that implemented unconstitutional voting laws in the 2020 presidential election. The president will throw his weight behind the biggest lawsuit yet, and one that is set to go before the Supreme Court.

Should it succeed, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s technical “wins” in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan, will be thrown out.

The suit, which was filed on Tuesday, has also been joined by 17 additional states, with more on their way, signifying just how much support it has across the country.

On Wednesday morning, the president tweeted the news, describing it as a “big one.”

“We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case,” he said.

“This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!”

President Trump followed up with another tweet, describing how there is “massive evidence of widespread voter fraud.”

Twitter added a tag onto the tweet, suggesting that the claim was “disputed.” However, so far nobody has signed a sworn affidavit to say that the thousands of Americans who have written sworn statements describing the fraud they witnesses are lying. And it doesn’t look like anyone is even considering coming forward to do that.

There have also been dozens of hours of evidentiary hearings in several states, including Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, where evidence in the form of video footage, data analysis, and witness testimony were all presented.

This evidence, however, may not necessarily even come into play in the Texas suit, which focuses primarily on the unconstitutional nature of the mass mail-in ballot system implemented before the election. It’s the system that allowed for widespread abuse to take place, but specifically, a constitutional issue that the Supreme Court will be expected to rule on.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is also expected to give the oral argument for the case to the Supreme Court.

The Court gave the four states named in the court case until Thursday to respond to the suit, so we should know about the next steps very soon. This could be the case American patriots have been waiting for.