Trump Says “Shoot Down” The Chinese Spy Balloon

( The former president wrote on his Truth Social website, “SHOOT DOWN THE BALLOON!”

According to Donald Trump, a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon flying above Montana should be brought down.

A senior defense official in The United States Department of Defense said on Thursday at a briefing that President Joe Biden had inquired about the possibility of using military force. The president was cautioned against doing so because people on the ground may be injured by falling debris.

“The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley, and the commander of NORTHCOM, General VanHerck, strongly recommended that kinetic action not be used owing to the danger to the safety and security of persons on the ground from the potential debris field,”

The DoD reported on Thursday that it was following the “high-altitude surveillance balloon” that had entered Montana airspace after flying across Canada and portions of Alaska. The DoD is “certain” that the balloon is Chinese in origin.

President Biden was informed and inquired about the availability of military alternatives. Even though Secretary Lloyd Austin was traveling in the Philippines at the time, he managed to get together top leadership from the Department of Defense yesterday.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, said on Thursday at an impromptu news conference that the balloon is “far above commercial air traffic and does not provide a military or physical danger to individuals on the ground.”

According to the person, the United States military feels that the balloon offers “little incremental value from an information collecting viewpoint.”

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that the object in the sky was a civilian airship that deviated significantly from its scheduled trajectory owing to the strong winds.

According to its website, the United States Northern Command, often known as NORTHCOM, was established in 2002 and “plans, organizes, and executes homeland defense.”