Trump Sends A Threat To Fox News

( An angry Donald Trump last week threatened to sue the Fox News Channel and the Never Trump group The Lincoln Project after the group’s latest anti-Trump ad appeared on Fox.

In a Truth Social post, Trump blasted Fox for allowing “the Perverts and Lowlifes” from the Lincoln Project to run ads, implying that Fox’s anti-Trump slant was caused by the addition of former Republican Speaker Paul Ryan being placed on the board of Fox News.

He accused Fox of only maintaining its “standards” when it comes to pro-Trump advertising while lowering its standards for the “Perverts” from The Lincoln Project.

Trump declared that Fox should not allow the Lincoln Project to run “false” advertising on its network, adding, “See you all in Court!!!”

Is he really implying he would sue Fox News because ads from The Lincoln Project appeared on the network?

Of course, there’s just one problem with that.

Fox News didn’t sell The Lincoln Project national advertising spots. Instead, the Never Trump group made the ad buys through local cable providers.

According to The Lincoln Project, the ads, which were purchased to run on cable news channels in Bedminster, New Jersey, were a local buy made through the cable companies and not the Fox News Channel.

Naturally, The Lincoln Project is taking great delight in the attention the group is receiving from the former president.

Never Trumper Rick Wilson boasted to Mediaite that The Lincoln Project is living rent-free in Donald Trump’s head. Wilson said Trump’s lawsuit threat “is like Trump himself; impotent, flabby, and pathetic.