Trump Shuts Down Blog To Focus On Higher Engagement Websites Instead

( About a month ago, former President Donald Trump launched a new online page known as “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.” It was designed to be a simple way for the former president to make public statements in the same way he used to during the days when Twitter didn’t censor him.

The page was instantly mocked by left-wing radicals and so-called “journalists” who laughed at the president for effectively having his own microblog…as if that was some kind of insult. And now, those same so-called “journalists” are laughing again at the news that the former president has closed down the page…and is planning to replace it with something new.

On Wednesday, senior Trump aide Jason Miller announced that the page would “not be returning” and that it was just ”auxiliary” to the “broader efforts” the Trump team is currently working on.

While little information was given about the former president’s future plans, Miller did indicate that something new and exciting is on the way. He said that he is hoping to provide more information on the “broader efforts” being made by Team Trump soon, but that he didn’t have an exact timeline he could offer.

When Amy Tarkanian asked on Twitter whether the decision to close the page was a “precursor” to the former president joining a different social media platform entirely, Miller responded, “Yes, actually, it is.”

So while left-wing journalists may laugh, the former president may be gearing up to bring his millions of followers over to a new platform that is ready to take on Twitter and Facebook.

The former president had never indicated that his “From the Desk of” page was a new social media platform, so it’s unclear why left-wing journalists thought it fit to mock him as if he had. Jason Miller said on May 4 when launching the page that it is “not a new social media platform.”

We’ll be sure to update you the moment we find out what social media platform Trump is joining. There has been much speculation about the former president opting for Parler, but it also remains possible that an entirely new Trump-dominated platform is on its way also.