Trump Signing COVID Stimulus (REPORT)

( Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters on Wednesday that President Donald Trump intends to sign the coronavirus stimulus proposal put forward by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

This week, McConnell announced a new version of the $500 billion deal previously put forward by the Republicans, just hours after a group of bipartisan legislatures proposed another $908 billion proposal. Republicans have opposed unnecessarily large spending bills so far, given that excess funds under Democrat plans would be used to advance far-left agendas similar to the Green New Deal.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously refused to negotiate with Republicans before the election, insisting that a coronavirus relief bill even include cash handouts for illegal aliens.

Senator McConnell has yet to reveal details of the new tweaked bill, but reports suggest that it includes measures to stop the federal government from using unspent dollars from the CARES Act on different initiatives – something that may have been put in place to protect against a possible Biden administration using unspent money on far-left initiatives that the Senate doesn’t agree too.

Mnuchin didn’t reference the bipartisan bill almost double the size, nor did he reference any kind of “secret deal” that some reports suggested the Democrats put forward.

The bipartisan legislation reportedly includes measures rejected by Senate Republicans in the summer, but instead repurposes existing unused funds rather than obtaining new money.

Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley tweeted on December 1 that he expects any new COVID relief bill to include direct payments to families and individuals, just like the first round of COVID relief legislation in the spring.

On Wednesday, Leader McConnell said that he had put forward another proposal that would “invest many billions in workers, laid-off Americans, small businesses, & vaccine distribution.”

“I hope Democrats will finally let us get a bipartisan outcome soon,” he added.

That’s up to Nancy Pelosi…