Trump Spotted With Mystery Group After Unannounced Visit To D.C.

( An unscheduled get-together on a golf course that included Donald Trump and a few other people, none of whom have been identified, has given rise to speculations.

Trump’s presence comes at a time when an investigation being conducted by the United States Department of Justice has been put on pause because a court has ordered a special master to analyze the thousands of documents collected from Mar-a-Lago. Due to the unofficial custom that legal moves should not be made 60 days or fewer before elections, this decision may certainly hinder any prospect of an indictment being brought by the DOJ.

The jet of the former president landed on Sunday at Dulles Airport in Virginia as part of an unannounced visit that also included the former president dressing in clothing more appropriate for golf. In advance of the trip, there was no single word on social media or anywhere else.

As a result, many started speculating that either Trump’s health was getting worse and he was preparing to go to Walter Reed Hospital or that the Department of Justice was planning to arrest him.

According to a spokeswoman for Walter Reed, who talked with Newsweek, the institution could not comment regarding the rumors “out of respect for the privacy of all of our patients.”

A post that Donald Trump made earlier today on Truth Social attempted to end the rumors by stating he was working at the Trump National Golf Club in Washington, District of Columbia. He referred to the location as “a great site.”

Photos depict many people traveling on four different golf carts, but Trump and his son Eric are the only individuals whose presence has been verified to have been there. Photos also show the entourage grouped on the green of one hole, seemingly engaged in conversation; yet, there are no golf clubs in sight.

On Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian referred to films that have been circulating online and appear to show boxes with additional purported documents being transferred to other Trump properties.

According to one video, Trump aides were seen moving boxes into a plane headed for Bedminster. In addition, it was stated that searches are typically “invasive” and that federal agents won’t probe “based on a video or theory.”