Trump Suggests DeSantis as Running Mate

( Former President Donald Trump suggested last week that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would make a good vice presidential nominee if Trump ran again in 2024.

During the first night of the “Limited Engagement National Tour” with Bill O’Reilly in Florida, Trump’s suggestion was met with cheers from the audience.

When asked if DeSantis would be on the ticket if Trump ran in 2024, Trump said DeSantis “would be good,” adding that Mike Pence was “mortally wounded” by what happened on January 6.

But Trump also suggested that there were other Republicans who would also make a good running mate, including South Carolina Senator Tim Scott or a female.

It’s a bit premature to float running mates more than two years before the Republican primaries even begin. Ordinarily, a candidate waits until he’s received the nomination to name his VP pick. Though in 2016, Senator Ted Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his running mate before a nominee was chosen. And we all know how ridiculous that was.

At this point, former President Trump hasn’t officially declared whether or not he is running in 2024, though he has been teasing more than a sorority girl at a mixer.

The fact is, Florida would lose big if Ron DeSantis was wasted on a Vice Presidential slot. It would also be a waste of DeSantis’ talents to play second-fiddle to another candidate.

Meanwhile, DeSantis has consistently dismissed the notion of running for president in 2024, saying his focus remains on doing his job as Florida governor and running for reelection in 2022.

In their event in Orlando on Sunday, Bill O’Reilly asked the former president if he would run again especially in light of Joe Biden’s disastrous first year in office.

Trump conceded that his approval numbers are definitely boosted by the failure of the current administration. But the best he would offer in response was what he generally says, “people are going to be very happy with what I do.”