Trump Supporter Attacked By Antifa

( If you thought that left-wing violence would stop when they finally installed a Democrat in the White House, you were sorely mistaken.

A shocking new video from the Oregon State Capitol building in Salem shows how far-left Antifa activists violently attacked a Trump supporter who was passing by on a skateboard. The footage shows one member of the Antifa gang charge at the support before the man capably dodged the attack and escaped on his skateboard.

Thankfully, it didn’t escalate any further. We all know how that turns out.

Last year, Michael Reinoehl, a Portland Antifa activist, shot and killed Aaron Danielson, a Trump supporter on the street. Once Danielson was identified as a Trump supporter, Reinoehl hunted him down and shot him, before later admitting to the shooting during an interview with VICE News and then killing himself.

You can see the video of the latest Antifa attack in the clip below, shared by Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial.

What would have happened if the Trump supporter couldn’t outpace the Black Bloc activist?

Antifa extremists were also spotted attacking several innocent passersby, breaking the window of a truck that simply drove past. And, for some reason, the local and state police didn’t seem to be interested in stopping them – even as they hurled rocks at passing vehicles.

Take a look for yourself.

Roughly 200 Antifa activists attended the rally on Sunday, with Black Bloc extremists eventually clashing with the police. After hours of violence and intimidation tactics, police officers eventually declared an unlawful assembly and four people were arrested.

Protesters were even seen wearing shields and armored gear with “Abolish PPB” (Portland Police Bureau) emblazoned over the front, with many armed with bats and other weapons.

The peaceful left, huh?