Trump Supporters Surround Biden Event As They Chant “Trump Won”

( President Biden took a trip to Cincinnati this week to flog for his infrastructure spending plan and to crash and burn during a live CNN town hall.

And, as often happens when Joe Biden ventures out to the heartland, he was met by Trump supporters.

Biden’s journeys outside of DC rarely if ever attract many actual Biden supporters – unusual for a man who allegedly received the most votes in the history of Presidential elections.

Typically the only people cheering for Biden when he goes on trips like this are the pool of White House reporters traveling with him.

Even the “invitation only” town hall was sparsely attended. Jennifer Epstein, Bloomberg’s White House reporter, tweeted a photo taken from the back of the auditorium that showed a sea of empty seats with only the first several rows filled with people.

There just isn’t much real-world evidence that Joe Biden is as wildly popular as the corporate news media claims.

There is no doubt that if Donald Trump had traveled to Cincinnati for a town hall, the roads would have been lined with supporters and the crowd within the venue would have been immense. But the only people who line the road for the man who beat Trump with over 80 million votes are Trump supporters.

Where is this groundswell of support pollsters say exists?

Poll after poll shows Biden with an approval hovering around 50 percent. Yet when Biden heads out among the people, there’s no sign of that support. Whereas during Trump’s term, poll after poll showed Trump hovering somewhere between 40 and 49 percent. Yet every time he ventured out, the crowds were immense.

Biden’s Cincinnati town hall was so poorly received, it couldn’t garner CNN enough viewers to beat out either Fox News or MSNBC in the Nielsen ratings. Overall, CNN’s audience of 1.46 million was 58 percent smaller than the audience that tuned in for President Biden’s town hall event in February.

Where are these supposed 80 million voters?