Trump Takes Lead Over Biden In Newly Released Rematch Poll

( President Joe Biden has repeatedly told the press that he would consider himself “lucky” if former President Donald Trump ran for the White House again in 2024 and that Trump running would motivate the aging president to actually run for a second term – but the polls show that Biden is probably just putting on a brave face.

Several polls have already shown that Trump would easily beat President Biden in a 2024 match-up, and the latest comes from McLaughlin and Associates. The poll shows how Trump receives 49 percent support among American voters, while Biden takes 46 percent. That gives the former president a three-point advantage over the president.

Honestly, we’re surprised that Biden does so well. Given the inflation crisis, his mishandling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, and the damage done to the world economy by the war in Ukraine, it’s hard to imagine anyone honestly believing that the president is doing a good job.

Remember, though, that former President Donald Trump typically outperforms polls, with the “Shy Trump” effect still very much in play. This is a phenomenon where people are afraid to tell pollsters that they support the former president over fears that they may be targeted by the media or far-left journalists.

The same pollsters also found that 68% of Republicans want the former president to run again in 2024, proving that Trump has staying power and – at least at this stage – is still likely to be the next Republican nominee for president.

Even when placed against the most competitive Republican contenders, Trump takes the lead, with 55% to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ 15% and former Vice President Mike Pence’s 13%.

Let’s just hope we don’t see Trump and Pence going up against each other in 2024…that could be worse than the Trump-Cruz fighting in 2016.