Trump TAKES OVER Youtube With Last-Minute 7-Figure Ad Spree

( As President Donald Trump hosts multiple rallies a day all over the United States, his re-election campaign team have inundated the internet with brand new ads. It culminated in a last-minute seven-figure ad buy on YouTube, seeing the president’s campaign completely take over the prime spot on the website’s landing page.

It means that, for the next week, voters logging on to YouTube will be presented with a series of advertisements focused on Joe Biden. The new ads have a particularly youthful slant, too.

Video thumbnails show Joe Biden looking confused, with emojis surrounding him in a style that young YouTubers use all the time. One video asks, “IS HE OKAY?” and features a photograph of Biden looking confused. The ad, titled “Did Something Happen to Joe Biden?” compares clips of the former vice president from 2015 to 2020, showing a significant decline in cognitive ability.

And, despite YouTube being home to some of the most radically left-wing online show hosts, the video’s like-to-dislike ratio is surprisingly good. On Monday morning, the video had over 6.3 million views, with 64,000 likes and 30,000 dislikes.

In another video, which is designed only to troll Joe Biden and not to offer much in the way of policy substance, Biden is compared to a zombie in a Halloween-themed clip. The video, titled “How to Spot a Zombie,” tells people to look out for a corpse-like appearance, incoherent mutterings, and an angry demeanor.

Sound like anybody?

The last-minute buy in the final nine days of the election campaign comes as energy for the Trump campaign skyrockets. Ever since the president left hospital after his COVID-19 diagnosis he has embarked on one of the most energetic campaigns, travelling state-to-state to give several rally speeches per day.

Fox News reported last week how the Trump campaign previously took over the YouTube masthead, on the day of the final presidential debate. Fox also reported how the Trump campaign has paid to take over the masthead on election day, too.

“The campaign said t had first dibs on all dates in 2020 over Biden due to its 2019 partnership with Google,” Fox added.

Will it pay off?