Trump Wants GOP To Become “Masters At Ballot Harvesting”  

( While Democrats have become adept at harvesting ballots, Republicans have complained about the practice for years. The 2020 election was fraught with disparities that conservatives have since claimed contributed to “fraud.” Some conservatives, however, like Scott Presler, are taking measures to encourage mail-in voting and ballot harvesting to ensure that the right wins future elections in a drastically changing landscape, according to American Pigeon 

This effort is supported by former President Donald Trump, the leading voice in the movement arguing that if conservatives do not play the same game as Democrats, they might not win another general election. 

While speaking at CPAC, Trump reportedly reiterated the sentiment that evil forces are trying to ruin the country. He then said that the way out is to “beat the Democrats at their own game, and we’ll do it legally.” Trump called the United States a country in decline facing the threat of communism as the borders remain open, and lawlessness and crime pervade.   

Scott Presler has already begun to do the research to help Republicans in future elections. In January, he announced the launch of his Early Vote Action (EVA) Political Action Committee (PAC). The goal of the committee is to “build early/mail-in voting infrastructures in AZ, NC, NV, PA, & WI to win the White House in 2024.” 

Speaking to the conservative magazine American Pigeon, Presler said that conservatives were disenfranchised on election day in 2020 as voting machines and tabulators malfunctioned. He specifically called out Arizona and said that the focus needs to be on the states where Republicans had lost or suspected fraud.  

Prelser also took a jab at the former president, encouraging his followers to listen to Steve Bannon’s “War Room” for the announcement where he will not be talking about “NFT trading cards.”  

Blake Masters, who ran for Arizona Senate in November and lost, said that conservatives need to play the game.