Trump Wants Supreme Court To Overturn Pennsylvania Election Results

( President Donald Trump will not be deterred in his quest for fair results of the presidential election.

This weekend, the president’s campaign said it has filed another petition with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the results of the November 3 presidential election.

This new petition is hoping to overturn three Pennsylvania state Supreme Court cases regarding mail-in ballots. The petition requests the federal Supreme Court to allow the General Assembly of Pennsylvania to choose their own electors.

The president has a high mountain to climb on this challenge, but he isn’t backing down nonetheless.

Even if the Supreme Court were to agree and overturn the results — which seems unlikely — Trump still wouldn’t win the presidential election. Even though Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would be nice, it still wouldn’t change the outcome of the election.

Trump would have 252 electoral votes in that case, compared to Democrat Joe Biden’s 286. That would still not be enough for Trump to win re-election.

In a statement, Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for the president, said:

“The petition seeks all appropriate remedies, including vacating the appointment of electors committed to Joseph Biden and allowing the Pennsylvania General Assembly to select their replacements.”

Giuliani has requested that the Supreme Court make a ruling quickly, before Congress is set to meet on January 6 to publicly tally the Electoral College vote. Once that happens, the election is official, and there would be no more outlets for the Trump campaign.

The problem, though, is that the Supreme Court isn’t set to meet again until two days after that vote count — on January 8. This includes even private meetings among the justices.

In total, the Trump campaign as well as some independent allies have filed almost 50 lawsuits that have challenged the results of the presidential election in various ways. Nearly all of those challenges have been dropped thus far. The main reason cited by the courts is a lack of evidence that could support the allegations being made.

What’s been most disappointing is that the Trump campaign has lost in front of judges from both the Republican Party and Democratic Party. Some of the judges who have ruled against him were appointed to their positions by Trump himself.

The president has taken some heat in the media, too, since some of the strongest rebukes have come from judges considered staunch conservatives.

Two petitions that the Trump team have filed weren’t even considered by the Supreme Court, which decided not to even hear the arguments.

This latest petition is the fourth one that involves the state of Pennsylvania. In the Keystone State, the focus has been on attacking the mail-in voting system, seeking to invalidate thousands of votes that went to Biden.

Mail-in ballots have been just one of the targets of the Trump team. They have also attacked voting machines that were produced by Dominion Voting Systems and were alleged to have changed votes from Trump to Biden.