Trump Was Right About Everything

( Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, wrote an opinion piece for Newsweek last week, arguing that his father was “right about everything.”

“When my father wrote his book Our Journey Together last year, we looked back on how much he accomplished and how right he was when it came to just about everything,” he said.

Trump Jr. said that whether it was intelligence agencies spying on his presidential campaign or the Hunter Biden laptop being completely real, Trump was right about things that many government officials and journalists insisted were not true. He also argued that he is likely to be right about COVID-19 coming from a lab in Wuhan, China – a claim that was slammed as a conspiracy theory by the Democrats and the mainstream media in early 2020…before eventually having to admit that the theory is likely true.

More importantly, though, Trump Jr. notes that Trump was right about all the biggest issues facing the United States today – from energy independence, that would come in handy now that the United States is boycotting Russian oil, to America’s reputation overseas. Everything Trump warned would happen during the Biden administration has happened, from rising gas prices to an economy that just can’t get back on its feet.

On Russia, Trump Jr. noted that the Biden administration has appeared totally unwilling to “confront reality” and that it was the Trump administration that sent Javelins and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine…after the Obama administration sent the country blankets. He also reminded readers how Trump made it clear that NATO only works when all member countries pay their fair share.

Remember that?

In times like these, America could really do with a president who understands how to make other world leaders stop and think…

You can read Trump Jr.’s full opinion piece here.