Trump’s Lawyer Reveals Key Detail That Could Unban Trump From Twitter

( Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump may have a way to get him his Twitter account back, or at least force Twitter to take action to rectify their decision to ban him from the platform during his time as President of the United States.

Attorneys claimed in a filing in Florida courts that Twitter’s service agreement didn’t apply to former President Trump as he was a government official and his Twitter account was used to communicate his work as president to the American people.

The court filing, which you can read here, was also filed on behalf of Naomi Wolf, Wayne Allen Root, Domincik Latella, Rafael Barboza, Linda Cuadros, and the American Conservative Union. It cites President Donald Trump’s repeated use of his Twitter account to “report to the Citizens of the United States on virtually every aspect of Presidential activity” and described the account as a “key channel for official communication.”

The lawyers state that when the Twitter account was suspended, it was not a private account but a government account.

It was not just an effort to rectify Twitter’s controversial decision to remove the president from the platform, but also an effort to keep the suit in Florida and not force it into the California court system.

Lead counsel John Coale, who also represents the other plaintiffs, said that because Trump was the president at the time the account was banned, the terms of the agreement don’t apply to him. The account was removed following the president’s response to the mostly peaceful January 6 protest, which saw a small contingent of activists break into the Capitol Building after police officers left doors open.