Trump’s Son Says His Health Condition Is Improving Because Stress “Fuels Him”

( Former President Donald Trump is looking healthier. Much healthier.

A photograph uploaded to Twitter of the former president shows him looking decidedly younger, slimmer, and less tanned – and people are noticing.

The tweet quickly went viral, but it was Trump’s son – Donald Trump Jr. – who confirmed the fact that his father was getting into shape and feeling better in a post on Instagram.

Once again sharing the image, Trump Jr. said that there is “some truth to this” and said that the stress “fuels” his father and that he has “taken more crap than any other president times about 100.”


He added that other presidents can’t handle the heat and age 20 years overnight.

Take a look for yourself:

There’s a huge difference, right?

Jack Posobiec, a reporter for One America News, also said that sources told him that the former president has cut back on his preferred diet of cheeseburgers and is now eating more steak – which would explain his health complexion and weight.

The fact that Trump looks so good really proves how far the media will go to hurt him, given how frequently Trump has been described as ill, overweight, or unfit. But compared to President Joe Biden, it’s clear which one is in better shape both mentally and physically.

Look at him!

Rumors are circulating that former President Trump is considering a 2024 run, but has only refrained from announcing his campaign owing to campaign financing laws. Sources close to the former president have said that his only condition for running again is his health.