Tucker Carlson Calls AOC “Entitled White Lady”

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a little fun at Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s expense. And Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t happy about it.

Tucker opened his February 17 show by featuring New York Magazine’s upcoming book on Ocasio-Cortez. He featured excerpts from the book, noting that it goes so far as to claim the lightweight Congresswoman is just like Jesus.

He disputed the book’s claim that “the degradations of womanhood are deeply personal to her,” arguing that nobody has done more to degrade womanhood and feminism than Ocasio-Cortez. Carlson said AOC isn’t “empowered,” instead, she’s “neurotic and silly” and “far more frivolous than any 1950s housewife.”

During his monologue, Tucker featured one of AOC’s ridiculous Instagram videos where she offered a tutorial on applying make-up. In the clip, Ocasio-Cortez refers to herself as a “woman of color.”

And Tucker seized on it, saying there is no place on Earth where “Sandy Cortez” would be considered a “woman of color.” Instead, he said, she is “a rich, entitled white lady,” like the “pampered obnoxious ski bunny in the matching snowsuit who tells you to pull up your mask while you’re standing in the lift line at Jackson Hole.”

Watch HERE.

Tucker’s mockery prompted an outraged Sandy Cortez to take to Twitter and complain about why Tucker is paid to “engage in clear, targeted, libelous harassment” that she claims “endangers people” and incites “so many violent threats.”

She took offense at Tucker joking about “booty calls” on national television and questioned the “political value” of “incitement.”

Then Ocasio-Cortez laughably claimed that “it’s not just about me.”

Spoiler Alert: when AOC says “this isn’t about me,” it’s just about her.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has it in her head that, while she can mock and attack any public figure she chooses, nobody is allowed to mock or attack her.

Tucker Carlson didn’t engage in “incitement” or “harassment.” He made fun of her.

And for “rich, entitled white lady” like Sandy Cortez, that is not allowed.

But the battle wasn’t over. On Monday, Tucker Carlson hit back, hammering Sandy for once again making herself a victim: