Tucker Carlson Unleashes On Transhumanist Movement

At the recent World Governments Summit (WGS), Tucker Carlson delivered a thought-provoking critique of transhumanists who believe they possess god-like abilities to enhance human beings through technology. The former Fox News anchor emphasized the importance of humility as a sign of wisdom and cautioned against the dangers of overestimating our capabilities.

Speaking at the 2024 WGS in Dubai, Carlson shared insights from his viral interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He expressed concern about transhumanists who view themselves as gods, stating that such a mindset is not only dangerous but also has the potential to cost lives.

According to Carlson, wisdom arises from acknowledging that we are not divine beings. He drew attention to a period in the United States where discussions centered on categorizing religions as good or bad. However, Carlson firmly believes in a different approach. He divides the world not by religious affiliations but by individuals who believe they are gods and those who recognize they are not.

The individuals Carlson places his trust in are the ones who understand their limitations. They know they cannot single-handedly bring about every desired change, foresee the future, or possess omnipotence. Recognizing their boundaries makes them more likely to make wise and compassionate decisions.

On the other hand, Carlson expressed concern about those who believe they have the power to shape the world and manipulate others. He specifically mentioned the concept of biohacking, where individuals strive to create a better human being through technological advancements. According to Carlson, these individuals pose a significant threat. Their inability to comprehend their limitations places countless lives in jeopardy.

While Carlson’s views may be controversial to some, they raise important questions about the balance between aspirations and limitations in transhumanism. As we explore the possibilities of enhancing human potential through technology, it is crucial to maintain a realistic perspective. Striving for progress is admirable, but ignoring our inherent constraints can lead to disastrous consequences.

Transhumanists and those invested in the advancement of technology must consider the ethical and moral implications of their pursuits. The path to a better future lies not in disregarding our limitations but in embracing them. By acknowledging our boundaries, we can make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being and safety of humanity.