Tucker Carlson’s Texts Set The Internet On Fire

Former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson sent a message to one of his producers describing how he had recently seen a video of a group of men, Trump supporters, violently attacking “an Antifa kid.” The message was in the wake of what many call the insurrection on January 6.

In a defamation case that Dominion Voting Systems filed against Fox, the New York Times reported on Tuesday night that the text message sent by Carlson on January 7, 2021, and later included in discovery, “set off a panic” within the company.

The Times reported that after the email was found, it set off a series of events that ultimately led to Carlson being let go. One of the moments in the chain was undoubtedly when Carlson allegedly called a senior communications officer a “c**t.” 

Hours after Trump supporters besieged the Capitol building, Carlson sent the following message to one of his producers. Carlson says he briefly wished Trump supporters would kill each other but then adds, “It’s not how white men fight.”

Carlson described how it was only a few weeks ago that he was watching a clip of the chaos in the streets of Washington, DC, and he was horrified by what he saw. 

He said Trump fans surrounded an Antifa member and began beating him severely. It was at least three to one, probably more. He said that it should go without saying that such conduct is disgraceful – when white men fight, they don’t do it like this. 

He said the crowd’s attack on the man had him suddenly rooting for them and hoping they would do severe damage to him, if not kill him outright. 

He said after that; he got a warning bell in his subconscious, and I

he understood that this was not good for him.

He lamented that this is who he has become and shouldn’t take joy in his misfortune, no matter how much he despises what he says and does and how sure he was that he would loathe him as a person if he knew him. 

He said he needed to remember that this child was loved and that someone’s heart would be devastated if the child died.

Fox terminated Tucker Carlson last week, only six days after paying $787.5 million to end a slander lawsuit. During the discovery phase of the case, it was found that Dominion had unredacted emails containing private messages from Fox employees included in its court filings.