TV News Host Removed From TV After Who She Quoted

( A Mississippi television host hasn’t been seen on air in almost two weeks after making a snarky reference regarding Snoop Dogg. 

According to a report, Barbie Bassett was last seen on broadcast on March 8th. Local media have said the network did not respond to any of their messages inquiring about her. 

They were told WLBT could not comment on personnel concerns, as Ted Fortenberry, WLBT’s Vice President, and Manager, said in a statement. 

Reports reveal that Bassett got into trouble in early March while discussing Snoop Dogg’s newest wine. 

Bassett, who is Caucasian, used a parody of the “n” word, which is widely seen as a slur towards blacks, in a line from a Snoop Dogg song that says, “Fo shizzle, my nizzle.”

A conflicting societal rule seems to be that blacks can use the racist word in any form and at any time, but no one else is allowed. 

According to a report, Bassett once referred to a relative of a black employee as “grandmammy” last October. 

At the time, she aired a statement on WLBT in which she expressed regret. 

She stated that in an episode of WLBT’s newscast “Today at 11,” she used a phrase many viewers and colleagues found offensive. Her reply was meant to be funny, but she sees how it may have been taken the wrong way and caused offense.

Bassett said she had apologized to the woman. 

Bassett then apologized to the viewing audience.  And she promised to participate in an educational program to understand the country’s history and people better.  

She said the harm that her remark created was beyond repair. She then pleaded for forgiveness.

According to the NY Post, Bassett was supported by “The Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne tha god.

He explained his position and said Bassett should not have been dismissed for her remark.

He said that it was possible that Bassett had no idea what the word “nizzle” implied, and that wasn’t a good reason to fire her anyway.