Twitter Account Of Controversial Account Reinstated After Backlash

( Gays Against Groomers is the newest account that questioned the leftist narrative about being permanently banned from Twitter on Wednesday morning. They identify as “A coalition of gays against the sexualization and indoctrination of youngsters.” Less than two weeks after, Twitter also permanently banned Dr. James Lindsay, a math Ph.D. famous for the infamous “Grievance Studies Affair” that exposed flimsy academic work in university humanities departments.

Following pressure from activists who falsely allege the term is “anti-LGBT,” Twitter is strictly prohibiting the usage of the word “groomer.” Reddit and other networks that recently banned the phrase have put a lot of pressure on Twitter to do the same.

Gays Against Groomers, founded in June, has shown incredible success in drawing supporters to their cause and demolishing toxic notions that activists promote.

Following the news, Gays Against Groomers sent a message on their backup Twitter account, saying that they also made another on the same day that they launched their primary account. They knew their time on Twitter was finite because big tech openly defends child pedophiles. They said the fact that Twitter barred an LGBT organization is quite bizarre.

Less than a month ago, on July 28, Twitter temporarily suspended Gays Against Groomers for allegedly breaking their policies against “hateful conduct.” Although the tweet was sent weeks ago, Michell claimed that her page had been continuously targeted by activists who have reported her content. According to Michell, it is pretty worrisome and sad that their group, which is exclusively made up of LGBT people, has been silenced by Twitter in an apparent attempt to protect individuals looking to damage children and impose their radical agenda on them.

“These activists are really harming our neighborhood. They are undoing years of struggle for equality under the law in a matter of months, and we are attempting to halt this and regain our respect in society. The LGBTQ population is not a homogenous group. We should be given a platform to speak out against those who are promoting and defending this ideology since they do not speak for the vast majority of us.”
The term “groomer” is claimed to be an anti-gay slur by the left. Without providing any supporting data, activist Mia Gingerick of Media Matters claims that individuals who use it engage in a “targeted hate campaign” that leads to “national harassment and violence against members of the LGBTQ community and their allies.”

But there are two connotations associated with the word “groomer,” a distinction that Twitter does not appear to be concerned with. Although the term has recently been used to represent the process of brainwashing innocent kids into cultish doctrines, it is sometimes used to describe adults starting a sexual or predatory relationship with adolescents. Specifically, gender ideology is the worldview that holds that a person’s subjective and ill-defined “gender identity” rather than their biology determines whether they are a man, boy, woman, or girl.

By reframing the term “groomer” as a targeted smear campaign against LGBT people and outlawing its use, the left is attempting to stifle their opposition, similarly to how they remade Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.