Twitter Trends Show “#ImpeachBiden” As Movement Gains Steam

( Polls have already shown several times by now that President Joe Biden is not particularly popular – and it looks like that unpopularity is translating into real-world calls for the president to be impeached. It comes off the back of his failed withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, a dramatic and rapid spike in COVID-19 cases, continued COVID restrictions, a struggling economy and rising costs of gas and food.

Last week, Twitter users began sharing the “#ImpeachBiden” hashtag. On January 28 at 9:45am, the hashtag became so popular that it began trending on the network.

It seems like the natural progression from “#LetsGoBrandon.”

The reasons people offered for their support of impeaching the president varied, but most of them referred to disturbing footage of a government contractor admitting that secret flights containing illegal aliens were taking place at midnight, delivering aliens to Westchester, New York.

“Get ready for many more of these videos… this is ILLEGAL and insane! #ImpeachBiden,” the user wrote.

Tucker Carlson covered the footage, describing how the Biden administration had tried to keep the flights operating on the “down-low” so that the public was not aware of illegal aliens being distributed across the United States.

And with roughly 2 million illegal aliens apprehended by border officials since the beginning of the Biden presidency, that’s a lot of illegal aliens that American cities and taxpayers are being forced to take under their wing.

“Are we ready to #ImpeachBiden yet? Breaking our laws is TYRANNY!” another user wrote.

Well, are we?

If the Republicans take back Congress in this year’s midterms, it could be on the cards.