U.S. General Under Attack For Pushing “Woke” Talking Points As Afghanistan Falls

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston, who is the single most senior enlisted member of the United States Armed Forces and who also serves as an advisor on enlistment, has faced a substantial backlash online after he tweeted a “Women’s Equality Day” message stressing the importance of diversity.

Grinston sent the tweet as the world responded to the horrific suicide bombing at Kabul’s international airport that killed 13 American marines and at least 60 Afghan people.

Grinston said in his tweet that “diversity is a number” and asked if everyone reading the post had “people that don’t look or think like you in the room.” He then said that inclusion is “listening and valuing those people.”

What decade is Grinston living in? Does he think that most Americans don’t believe in giving all people, regardless of race, a fair shot in life?

He added that Women’s Equality Day “reminds us we’re smarter and more lethal” when we come together as a team.

The tweet included a photograph of various women in the Armed Forces of different races, just in case it wasn’t clear that he was trying to make some kind of left-wing talking point.

Take a look:

Retired Gunnery Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps Jessie Jane Duff responded to the tweet asking if 11 Marines, Soldiers, and Corpsmen were “diverse” enough for him.

“Your leadership priorities suck,” she said.

That’s hard to disagree with…

What is happening to the United States Armed Forces under the Biden administration? Is the world going mad?