U.S. House Makes New Rules About Masks

(RepublicanInformer.com)- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally following the science. On Friday, Congress’ attending physician announced that masks are no longer required to be worn on the floor of the House of Representatives, but that the rule only applies to people who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

Chad Pergram, Fox’s congressional correspondent, post on social media on Friday that Dr. Brian Monahan had updated the pandemic rules in the House, and that a decrease in community transmission triggered the decision to no longer require masks to be worn.

It follows an announcement from the Centers for Disease Control last month that masks no longer needed to be worn by people who have taken the vaccine when in company with other people indoors or outdoors. The CDC said that vaccinated people do not pose a substantial risk for spreading the virus, but added that people who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask to protect other people.

Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats shot down a resolution put forward by Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that would have updated the House’s mask mandate sooner, and waited several weeks before agreeing to the rule change.

Now, it is yet to be seen how Speaker Pelosi will handle any Republicans who do not take the vaccine but also refuse to wear a mask on the House floor.

Republican libertarian Senator Rand Paul has already vowed not to take the vaccine, citing his natural immunity to the virus after he contracted and recovered from the virus. Paul, who is a medical doctor, said that the CDC and public health officials should present evidence that natural immunity was not sufficient in protecting people from the virus before telling people who have recovered from the virus to take the vaccine.

Who else thinks Rand Paul will be Nancy Pelosi’s first target?