U.S. Intel Asked To Drop Intel So America Can “Kill” Russians

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Republican Senator for Nebraska Ben Sasse has called on the United States federal government to provide intelligence to Ukrainians so that the country’s citizens and military can “kill the Russian invaders.”

Instead of advocating for sending in American troops – a position that is generally unpopular according to recent polls – Senator Sasse suggested on MSNBC on Friday that the U.S. government and intelligence community should do everything possible to help Ukrainians defeat the Russian invaders on their own.

Speaking to Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe,” Senator Sasse explained how the intelligence community has done a great job of getting intelligence out faster than normal, referencing the fact that the world knew Russian President Vladimir Putin was looking for any kind of pretext or excuse to invade Ukraine without calling it an invasion.

“Ukraine isn’t a threat to Russia, Putin is a liar, he lies all the time…but he usually gets away with it,” he told Scarborough. “And the U.S. intelligence agencies helped thwart it this time.”

He added that the intelligence agencies should “keep that up” and get “tactical, actionable intelligence to the Ukrainians on the ground so they can kill the Russian invaders.”

It sounds an awful lot better than simply wishing Ukraine well and hoping that President Vladimir Putin will cave under the pressure of sanctions that he apparently doesn’t even care about.

Sasse made it clear that he doesn’t believe America should put boots on the ground, but that instead, we should be arming Ukraine “to the teeth.” He insisted that President Joe Biden should go to Congress and request emergency supplemental defense spending.

On Friday, President Joe Biden did take such action and asked Congress for $6.4 billion in funding for Ukraine.

Are the Republicans and Democrats finally agreeing on something?