U.S. Planning For Potential Evacuation

(RepublicanInformer.com)- The United States military is working to secure the safety of Afghans who are working for the American government.

Last week, Mark Milley, a general for the Army, said both the State Department and Defense Department are creating plans to evacuate Afghans who are working, or have worked, for the U.S. government.

Milley, who serves as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said there are a “significant” number of Afghans who worked as either interpreters or in different roles for the U.S. government who could now be in danger due to the nature of what they do. He told reporters:

“There are plans being developed very, very rapidly here, not just interpreters but a lot of other people that have worked with the United States.

“Their safety could be at risk. And we recognize that that’s a very important task, is to ensure that we remain faithful to them and that we do what’s necessary to ensure their protection and, if necessary, get them out of the country if that’s what they want to do.”

It’s unclear why these people are suddenly in danger, or if there’s a confirmed threat that is making their evacuation a priority. It could have to do with the U.S. military planning to withdrawal all troops from Afghanistan by September 11 under President Joe Biden’s plan.

Florida Representative Mike Waltz, who has been a constant advocate for evacuating the U.S. partners in Afghanistan, told NBC following Milley’s statement:

“While I welcome these comments, we need to see action sooner rather than later. We need to show the world we reward those who help us against the enemy rather than leave them behind.”

Despite Milley’s comments and Waltz’s support, there has been no official word from government agencies on what the plan is, or whether there is any immediacy to the actions. The National Security Council commented through a spokesperson:

“I can tell you we have no plans for evacuations at this time. The State Department is processing SIV applications in Kabul. They are focused on ensuring that the system functions quickly and consistent with U.S. security and other application requirements.”

Perhaps part of the reason for the urgency in Milley’s comments was that troops may be withdrawn at an even quicker pace than the Biden administration promised a few months ago.

The original plan was for all troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, which will mark the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America. Last week, though, the New York Times reported that the full withdrawal could be done by mid-July, according to military officials.

John Kirby, the press secretary for the Pentagon, didn’t tip his hat when he commented to reporters last week, though, saying:

“The president’s direction was clear, to be complete with the withdrawal by early September. We’re moving at pace. I don’t have anything more specific to add with respect to schedule.”