U.S. Rocket Systems Used By Urkaine To Take Out Key Bridges To Stop Putin

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Ukraine took out a bridge in an occupied region of southern Ukraine often used by Russia to supply its forces. Ukraine used a U.S.-supplied precision rocket, delivering a “morale-lifting knockout punch” to the Russians last week, according to Newsmax.

Antonivskyi Bridge, which crosses the Dnieper River in the southern region was still standing, the deputy head of the Moscow-appointed administration for the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, said. But holes in the bridge prevented vehicles from passing.

The strike is the second one that has taken place. The first strike left the bridge open to passenger vehicles but closed to trucks until the second closed it to all.

Russia is having a hard time in what they initially considered would be a quick win as they sent their tanks through Ukraine. But their “special military operation,” as Putin calls it, is running into trouble as the West is supplying Ukraine with a steady stream of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars and weaponry.

The Ukrainians used U.S.-supplied HIMARS multiple rocket launchers for this operation targeting the bridge. This system has reportedly added more modern technology to Ukraine’s military, as HIMARS has “a longer range, much better precision and a faster rate of fire compared with the Soviet-designed Smerch, Uragan and Tornado multiple rocket launchers used by both Russia and Ukraine.”

While the West has been significant to the fact that Ukraine is still standing, Ukraine still believes it is not enough. President Zelensky claims that they are fighting for American values and that as long as they are fighting it, America should give them more money because they need to fight for “communal values.”

“Inflation is nothing, COVID is nothing,” said Zelensky. “Ask those people who lost their children, their peace, their property at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. Who is thinking about masks and COVID? Who is thinking about inflation?”

Zelensky has claimed that Russia has lost more than 40,000 soldiers during the war and that tens of thousands were wounded or maimed, though the claim could not be verified. Back in March, Russia updated that it had lost over 1,300 troops and over 3,800 were wounded.