U.S. Wages Information War With Unverified Intel

(RepublicanInformer.com)- A former US intelligence officer stated that the Biden administration has to clean house at the National Security Council and other agencies after a revelation that the US released unsubstantiated intelligence assessments to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

Fred Fleitz, a longtime intelligence analyst and former chief of staff at the National Security Council, said that the U.S. needs a big housecleaning of these agencies; some of these agencies’ entire top floors ought to be fired.
Fleitz made his remarks in reaction to an NBC News story on Wednesday that three senior US intelligence officials acknowledged leaking unsubstantiated material to push Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop invading Ukraine.
According to the publication, three US officials confirmed this week that there is no proof that Moscow has transferred chemical weapons to Ukraine. The authors suggested the US shared the information to dissuade Russia from employing the illegal bombs.
According to the site, the strategy is one of many employed by the Biden administration in its propaganda war against Russia.
Fleitz said that he doesn’t believe it’s only the intelligence services; this was, he believes, the National Security Council. This is the White House opting to utilize this intelligence to make outlandish assertions and false statements that Biden said were genuine.
The press requested declassified reports on the purported plot to deploy chemical weapons on several occasions, according to Fleitz, but the White House refused, which I felt was quite odd.
One US intelligence officer said that information warfare has been utilized to the West’s advantage against Putin in the past and that it has helped create a level playing field.
The office explained that If you make a mistake, you lose credibility, and lying to the American people costs you a lot of money. Intelligence agencies must exercise caution.
Fleitz was not willing to suggest the intelligence agencies were involved.
According to one lawmaker, the study doubts previous ostensibly damaging indictments from the intelligence community.
According to Rep. Jim Jordan, big tech media outlets earlier helped conceal news of Hunter Biden’s laptop, erroneously alleging that the famed gadget was Russian misinformation (R-Ohio).
The US intelligence officer described keeping track of allegations and counter-charges as a “huge operation.”