UK Embassy Abandoned With Paperwork Left Behind

( It was learned two weeks ago that during the June G7 Summit in Cornwall, President Joe Biden assured his G7 allies – including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson — that the US would keep in place “critical US enablers” after the US withdrew American combat troops from Afghanistan.

Based on this assurance, G7 allies felt that it would be safe to keep their embassies in place after the August 31 withdrawal of forces.

But Biden failed to keep his word.

When the Taliban was poised to take over Kabul, western embassies had to scramble to evacuate before Kabul fell. As a result, in its haste to evacuate, the British embassy left “scattered on the ground” information on both Afghan staffers and job applicants – exposing them to retaliation from the Taliban.

Papers identifying seven people were found on the ground by reporters from The Times at the now-Taliban controlled compound. Unfortunately, it is not known how many similar documents may have been left for the Taliban to find. The reporters who found the paperwork on those seven Afghans called the phone numbers listed in the documentation in order to connect them to former embassy staffers.

Some of the people contacted were still in Taliban-controlled territory unable to get into the Kabul airport for evacuation.

These people couldn’t get out, but the UK allowed an Afghan currently on Britain’s “no-fly” list to board one of the planes for evacuation.

In fact, British border officials told the UK Telegraph that some of the evacuees arriving in Britain have either forged papers or no documentation at all.

What an absolute cluster.

The Times held back reporting on their possession of these abandoned documents for 24 hours to allow time for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to try and rescue the individuals in question. Ultimately, the families of three individuals were rescued.

A Foreign Office spokesman said that given the deteriorating situation in Kabul, the drawdown of the UK embassy was done quickly, however, “every effort was made” to make sure sensitive material was destroyed.

Perhaps if President Biden had leveled with his G7 allies back in June, the destruction of documents could have been managed in a more thorough, less panicked way.

But we’ll never know.