UK Health Staff Hurl Scrubs At Street During Riots Over Authoritarian Mandates Regarding Health

( Thousands of British medical professionals turned out to a protest in central London over the weekend demanding an end to the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the National Health Service. It comes after Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an end to most vaccine mandates and COVID-19 rules, but kept in place plans to require all NHS staff to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

As many as 70,000 members of staff across the country are facing losing their jobs on April 1 if they refuse to take the shot – and people are clearly angry about it.

In the video below, which was taken just outside of Downing Street – the official residence of the British Prime Minister – health professionals can be seen throwing their uniforms on the ground in disgust at the plans.

The protest went well beyond Downing Street, too, with the huge crowd moving towards Trafalgar Square.

Prime Minister Johnson had said one day before the protest that he would consider implementing a “pause” to the mandate over fears of huge numbers of healthcare workers losing their jobs – but it remains unclear whether this pause will happen and how long it will be in place for.

Matthew Taylor, the Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, argued that the NHS just needs “more time” from the government to convince essential workers that the vaccines are safe.

More time? After two years of the pandemic and a year of vaccine availability, if these medical staff wanted the vaccine then they would have taken it by now.

All of a sudden, healthcare workers aren’t the heroes our governments said they were.