Ukraine Diplomat Reported To Be A Russian Spy

( If you search the name Andriy Telizhenko on the internet, he will be called a debunked conspiracy theorist. However, in light of recent revelations that the FBI actively participated in falsely accusing innocent people of being Russian puppets or fabricating information regarding the Hunter Biden laptop (for instance, the FBI informed Facebook, according to Mark Zuckerberg, that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation), it is now clear that the FBI was busy spreading the same lie about Andriy Telizhenko to members of Congress.

Why was Mr. Telizhenko the target of the FBI’s attack? Perhaps it was because he was being honest about Hunter Biden and how the Ukrainian Government assisted the DNC in spreading the rumor of Russiagate.

CNN describes Telizhenko as a former Ukrainian ambassador who collaborated with Republicans to propagate unfounded rumors about the Biden family and foreign interference in 2016 and had his visa canceled by the US State Department. According to a US official, discussions regarding potentially sanctioning that person, Andrii Telizhenko, and designating him as a Russian agent are also taking place within the US government. Democrats have charged Telizhenko with distributing false information on purpose.

The information on the family Biden’s involvement in Ukraine was “unfounded.”

Simply ignore that Hunter Biden worked for Burisma and other Ukrainian companies under lucrative contracts. Just disregard the fact that Joe Biden used his influence as vice president to get Ukraine to shelve a probe into his son’s criminal acts.

How was Telizhenko’s status as a Russian spy known to Democrats? They either made it up or learned it from a member of the US government, such as the FBI or CIA. Telizhenko should have been targeted and looked into by FBI counterintelligence agents if he genuinely was a Russian agent.

An ex-Ukrainian official shocked Senate investigators by revealing that his country had compiled a dossier on Carter Page months before the FBI started looking into his connections to Russia. This was just before Democrats started attacking his reputation and the State Department revoked his visa. The former Ukrainian official, Andrii Telizhenko, also offered to testify about how he gave the information to an Obama White House official. The officials who would have worked on the Carter Page dossier no longer reside in Washington, according to a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian embassy there. According to Natalie Solyeva, if the dossier was generated, it was done by staff on their own time and not in their official capacity as embassy employees.

Ukrainian agent Derkach Telizshenko worked for the Obama administration on behalf of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington. The State Department canceled his visa in September, making it impossible for him to visit the United States. He is thought to have connections to Russia and its intelligence agencies, but U.S. officials say he’s not part of a Russian disinformation campaign. However, they did find evidence that he met with an Obama National Security Council official on the days he claimed he delivered them. Ukrainian officials tried to curry favor with the Clinton campaign, while the US government made no such effort. Their actions were uncovered by former National Security Council expert on Russia Fiona Hill.