Ukraine Invasion Is Not WWIII, Despite Media’s Suggestions

( The Ukraine invasion is not comparable to World War III, despite the media’s suggestive narrative that it is, according to a report from defense and national security website 19FortyFive.

The frequent alarmism is accompanied by the narrative that Russia is not only engaged in a war with Ukraine, but also with all of NATO, which is composed of allied countries sending weapons and tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine at the behest of Zelensky. The narrative reported continues to suggest that the war is similar to the First World War, in which Germany battled all of Europe, only to be weakened, but not entirely annihilated.

In the era of nuclear weapons and escalating threats, the narrative continues to see the war as a harbinger of Russia inching closer to detonating a nuclear weapon. But, according to 19FortyFive, the war in Ukraine is a “quagmire, not a general war.” What this suggests is that Russia is not, in fact, fighting NATO.

An analogy is described as the war between the U.S. and Vietnam, when a larger superpower was increasingly agitated and frustrated with a persistent stalemate. Frustration also existed in France’s defeat in Vietnam and the Soviet Union’s defeat in Afghanistan.

But the reports concludes that while losing might make these powers consider a nuclear strike, the risks would be too great.

“The brief consideration of nuclear weapons in these cases mostly reflected elite frustration at the inability to win,” the report reads. “But the geopolitical risks of nukes vastly exceeded the costs of stalemate or defeat. In each case, the expected winner found it cheaper to lose and simply exit the field.”

The war in Ukraine is not being fought by the West, contrary to interpretations that aid might be seen as an equivalent. NATO troops are not present in Ukraine and its limited aid is what the world has reportedly seen in proxy wars for decades. Even taking the example of the Soviets and Chinese aiding Vietnam in the 1960s did not see the world enter World War III.